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COVID-19 Precautions

Our employees are not just Regal Jewelry’s foundation, they are the backbone of their families. Caring for them is caring for the health of our community.


We require everyone at RJM to properly wear masks. Our HR and Safety department regularly checks each department to ensure the cooperation of our employees. Anyone without a mask will not be admitted into the company.

Hand Hygiene

We have installed handwashing stations at our entrances and in front of our cafeterias. Our employees are required to wash their hands before entering company grounds. Alcohol hand sanitizers are also placed in 120+ spots on our campus.

Social Distancing

We have installed spacers in our production line and in the cafeteria to reduce airborne transmission between our employees. Social distancing signs and videos are also regularly shown throughout our campus.


We have partnered with a local hospital to secure and provide our employees with free vaccinations. Above 98% of our employees have been fully vaccinated.

Testing & Quarantine

Employees who reported having gone to a high-risk area will be asked to quarantine and get a Covid-19 test before being cleared for re-entry. We have also prepared antigen test kits for preliminary testing purposes.


We also sanitize our offices, production facility, employee lockers, restrooms, and dining areas at least twice a day. We use chlorine sprays, detergents, or other appropriate cleaning agents known to be effective disinfectants.

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