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Our Services

We are one of Thailand's biggest socially responsible and sustainable, OEM & ODM jewelry manufacturer.

With 30+ years of experience, we provide end to end services to manufacture high-quality jewelry for customers in over 25 countries.


As an OEM & ODM jewelry provider, we are able to transform your existing jewelry designs into reality or arrange for our award-winning designers to curate special pieces specifically for you and your needs.

Sourcing & Production

With the continual strive for growth, Regal Jewelry invests in skilled craftsmen, high-quality materials, and innovative jewelry production technologies. The techniques we use promise excellence in the jewelry we produce.

Quality Inspection

Quality assurance personnel are stationed in every department throughout the entire production process, coupled with strict final quality inspections to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Our Production Process

An overview of our jewelry production process, starting from cultivating the perfect design for our customers to hand polishing each piece for optimal quality and shine.

Design & Mold Making

For ODM products, original ideas are meticulously designed and hand sketched by our professional designers. For OEM products, once our designers receive our customer’s designs, they will confirm or make any changes to the sketches as desired. These designs are then printed with a 3D wax printing machine and converted into silver molds for silicone mold making. The silicone molds can then be continuously injected with wax to produce large amounts of individual wax pieces, ready to be casted. Our method ensures the consistency of the product’s appearance and quality, while increasing our production capacity.


The wax pieces are soldered onto a wax tree and placed into a casting flask. Investment plaster is then poured over the wax tree and allowed to set in the flask, before being placed into a high temperature oven to create the plaster mold. Finally, the metals, which could be gold or silver, are melted into its liquid form and poured into the plaster mold. After the metal tree cools, the plaster is washed away by high-pressured water jets and the metal pieces are then cut from the trees to prepare for the next process.

Stamping & Tubing

We also carry stamping and tubing products. With sophisticated stamping and tubing molds and machines, we have the ability to produce light weight and detailed designs at a competitive price and premium quality. All of our molds are progressive molds. This allows our products to be completed within one station, ensuring high quality results.


Once the raw metal castings are clipped off from the casting tree, a small nub from the sprue that was used to connect each piece with the tree will be leftover. The polisher grinds off this nub using a motorized grinding machine, which acts as an abrasive to smoothen the surface of the jewelry piece. A final polishing is then done by holding the piece against a spinning grinding wheel to achieve a smooth surface.


The pieces then go through the tumbling process to wash away dirt and residues. This procedure is a preliminary polishing process that creates a smooth surface to facilitate the sanding process later on. In order to achieve a smooth surface, we utilize different kinds of tumbling media inside our tumbling tanks.

Stone Setting

There are different types of stone settings we can produce. Different tools are used in the stone setting process to create the desired overall effect of the piece. Stone settings vary from wax setting, simple prong setting, and to micro-pave setting, all of which are done in-house by our skillful craftsmen

Final Polishing & Plating

Once the jewelry pieces are assembled, they will go through a final polishing procedure using different fabric types to ensure a shiny and smooth surface. This also aids the plating process as the plating metals will better adhere to the jewelry piece. Once the desired plating is complete, the jewelry pieces are ready to be worn and cherished.

Material Options

This is not a comprehensive list. For materials that are not listed below, please reach out to us.

Metal Options



Karat Gold (9K, 10K, 14K, 18K)​

Recycled Silver (RJC Certified)

Recycled Gold (RJC Certified)

Stone Options

Gemstones (Precious & Semi-precious Stones)
Pearls (Freshwater Pearls, Plastic Pearls, Glass Pearls)
Mother of Pearl
Synthetic Stones
Lab-Grown Stones
Cubic Zirconia
Other/Non-stones (Resin, Silk Cords, Leather, Ceramic, etc.)

Plating Options




Rose Gold

Black Rhodium

Black RU-Ruthenium

Anti-tarnish Coating (Electroplating & ED E-Coat).


Our Quality Assurance department utilizes vigorous testing methods (pull test, drop test, function test, stone setting test, chemical tests, plating x-ray fluorescence test, etc.) to ensure that our product quality meets our customer’s standard requirements.


Whether you need us to source out packaging options or have existing packaging for your products, our packing department will make sure your jewelry products are correctly packed, stored, and ready to be delivered to you.


We understand the importance of a timely delivery for our customers. Our expert planning team and diligent production workers cooperate to take care of our customer’s timeline needs. Our customers can be assured of a timely delivery.

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