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Regal Jewelry’s Designer: Winner of GIT’s Design Awards 2022

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Diana Flipo wearing award-winning pieces from Regal Jewelry.

Opaque Garden

Designed by Karun Khongkaluang

Winner of GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards 2022

Regal Jewelry has been a long-term supporter of events that foster artistry and creativity. As a part of this, we are one of the top jewelry manufacturers in Thailand that sponsors and produces competition masterpieces such as the collections in GIT’s annual design awards.

This week, we are proud to announce that Regal Jewelry Manufacture’s designer, Karun Khongkaluang, won first place in GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards 2022, hosted by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand. He joins our two other designers that have taken home the same trophy for their award winning jewelry designs in the previous years.

The theme of this year’s competition is “True Nature – Reveal the Secret of Nature”.

True natural elements are often imperfect and dynamic in its essence. With this in mind, Khongkaluang’s Opaque Garden collection focuses on the concept of finding perfection in imperfections. His pieces were first inspired by quartz and garden quartz, which are naturally murky and sprinkled with inclusions. The collection also incorporates sea glass, an ordinary, discarded glass, which has been tumbled into pebbles by powerful ocean waves, waiting to be upcycled into accessories.

In essence, the beauty of these stones lies within their unique flaws.

For the composition of his collection, Khongkaluang studied patterns in nature. He noticed that the shapes of natural elements are often circular, as seen in tree rings, lotus leaves, stones, flowers, as well as water droplets. From his observations, Khongkaluang realized that the circular shape perfectly explains the uncertainty in nature’s dynamicity, as circles can represent the difference between symmetry and asymmetry.

With the combination of these stones, the circular shape, as well as various surface textures, Khongkaluang created a jewelry masterpiece that represents a beautiful balance in imperfection that is often found in nature.

3D design of award-winning jewelry.
Gallery of GIT's 16th world Jewelry Design Awards 2022.

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