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An Inspirational Talk with Regal Jewelry’s Designer

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

In celebration of our creative team of jewelry designers, we interviewed Som, Regal Jewelry’s Product Development Vice-Manager, who has been working with us for almost 6 years. We asked her to share some of her thoughts, experiences, and inspiration regarding jewelry design.

Jewelry designer sketching a ring hand-sketch picture.

A Balancing Act in Jewelry Design

Delving into her role, Som shares, “What I relish most about my job is witnessing my sketches transform into cherished pieces that people wear and adore.”. However, she underscores that the craft extends beyond the realm of aesthetics. Designing jewelry involves navigating a labyrinth of development processes—from 2D and 3D conceptualization to production lines. In a mass production setting, achieving universal appeal while maintaining intricate details on a small scale proves to be a challenging feat.

Jewelry designer working in a CAD design for designing ring.

Designer's Favorite

While minimalism may appear simplistic to some, for Som, it presents a fascinating challenge, as the idea and development process behind those pieces are complicated. Especially when she combines her favorite styles, Vintage and Victorian, which are rich in curves and spirals, with minimalism, it results in something entirely new.

The Realm of Jewelry Design

Som emphasizes the paramount importance of designing jewelry that is not just visually appealing but also practical to produce. Unlike traditional art, where the boundaries are limitless, jewelry design requires a pragmatic approach. As she aptly puts it, “We can draw the most stunning ruby, but if it doesn’t exist, the design remains a dream.”

The process of designing ring on CAD.

Finding Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from diverse fashion trends, Som shared an example of a time when she went abroad and had a chance to observe people's lifestyles. As such, different cultures and lifestyles exert an influence on fashion trends in various ways. On the other hand, during moments of creative lull, she advocates taking short breaks to refresh the mind, asserting that good ideas often bloom unexpectedly.

A Comment on Using AI for Jewelry Design

In a testament to her progressive mindset, Som embraces the integration of AI in jewelry design as a facilitator rather than a threat. She views AI as a tool that streamlines the creative process, allowing designers to refine original ideas and expedite the overall timeline. However, she underscores the irreplaceable role of the human touch in translating AI-generated designs into tangible pieces, emphasizing the need for human intervention in the development and production process.

The ring hand-sketch, sample, gems, and final cut jewelry.

An Inspiring Message To Young Jewelry Designers

"Jewelry is not only about beauty.”

As Som's professor used to say, "If you study jewelry, you need to bend metal with your bare hands". She stated that working in jewelry requires all aspects of knowledge. A jewelry designer must understand the whole production process, even knowledge of chemical reactions to all kinds of gemstones used in the designs.

In a parting piece of advice, Som encourages future designers to cultivate inspiration from their surroundings, creating a reservoir of ideas that can be drawn upon when needed. Her parting words echo the essence of a true artisan—one who not only envisions beauty but also possesses the skill and knowledge to manifest it into reality.

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