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Regal Jewelry's 35th Anniversary

In 2024, Regal Jewelry proudly celebrates its 35th anniversary since its establishment in 1989. We are grateful for the opportunities, relationships, and successes that we have had throughout the years, and will continue to achieve our goals in delivering the finest jewelry products to our cherished customers.

Throughout this prosperous year, we will host celebrations and activities centered around the theme, "Great Products Start with Great Teamwork". Our primary focus is on people, aiming to foster stronger connections with our employees and the community. 

This year, our commitment to ethical and responsible employment practices continues. We prioritize employee support, welfare, fair remuneration, workplace safety, and comprehensive training, and still uphold non-discrimination policies, and strictly oppose forced and child labor. Additionally, we plan to organize corporate social responsibility activities throughout the year, empowering both our employees and giving thanks to the community as a celebration of our 35th anniversary. 


Get to know us and delve into our 35 years of excellence.



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