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Community Development: Regal Jewelry Contributes to Thai Children's Day

To celebrate Thai Children’s Day, Regal Jewelry organized a delightful event for children at the Wat Sri Samran Ratbamrung School, where many of our staff are alumni, and their children are currently studying. The event featured a variety of games designed to enhance the learning process, life skills, and encourage children's participation. Witnessing the laughter and smiles of the children during this activity brought immense joy to our staff.

In our contribution to the Thai Children’s Day event, we extended our support by donating gifts and water to over 10 organizations, including Ban Plong Liam School, Watratbumrung School, Bang Nam Won School, Omnoi City Municipality Kindergarten, and more. Believing in the importance of giving back to the community, we are dedicated to taking responsibility and caring for our community through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

At Regal Jewelry, our commitment to education and opportunity is paramount. We provide scholarships, school supplies, and funding for underprivileged students, not only in the vicinity but across Thailand. Additionally, we support our staff with bilateral education programs and self-development initiatives aimed at enhancing their skills and fostering growth opportunities.


For 35 years, Regal Jewelry has been crafting beautiful jewelry with a commitment to community development. We operate our business with creativity, sustainability, and kindness, striving to make a positive impact on both our local and national communities.

To learn more about our community development efforts, click the link below.



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