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Ministry of Labor Awards Regal Jewelry for Employee Welfare Excellence

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Regal Jewelry's CEO receiving Employee Welfare Excellence award from Ministry of Labor.

Regal Jewelry is honored to receive the 2022 national award from the Ministry of Labor of Thailand for our excellent practices and establishment of labor relations and welfare.

“We believe that the welfare of our employees is the driving force behind creating beautiful jewelry.” – Rinrada Chinnapornsombat, CEO

At Regal Jewelry, we aim to create a quality work environment for all 3,000 of our team. We honor strict policies on fair remuneration, employee benefits, anti-discrimination, and anti-child or forced labor laws. Our factory is regularly audited by third-party accredited auditors, and we are certified for our compliance on these important matters.

To ensure the health and safety of our employees, our campus is equipped with two nurse’s offices and a Safety department, which holds regular training on topics such as chemical safety, fire drills, Covid-19 protocols, production PPE and more, to build a safe working environment for our team. We also offer free yearly health check-ups as a basic benefit for our employees.

Regal Jewelry also values employee career development and provides regular training courses and workshops. Many of which teach our employees leadership, critical thinking, communication, and emotional intelligence skills. For outstanding employees who seek to further their education, Regal Jewelry will sponsor these employees to acquire higher education in both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to further the career paths of our employees.

Other than fostering a healthy working environment, Regal Jewelry also strives to create a happy environment for our team. For this, we offer employee benefits such as life insurance, providence funds, and birthday gifts. We also hold events such as our annual New Year’s Party involving all of our employees, carnivals with various games and prizes, and team-building outings. These benefits and activities create crucial financial and emotional support systems for our employees.

We are grateful to be recognised by the Ministry of Labor of Thailand for our efforts, and we will continue to provide a quality work-life for the Regal Jewelry family.

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