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Regal Jewelry’s Bilateral Education Program

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Regal Jewelry's bilateral education program students in front of Regal Jewelry building.

At Regal Jewelry, we believe in investing in our employees’ developments. Thus, we are proud to congratulate our class of 2023 graduates of the Bilateral Education Program with the Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College on completing their program this month.

The program began in 2021 under the idea of cooperation between an educational institution (The Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College) and a corporate entity (Regal Jewelry Manufacture) to provide further learning for employees. By including theory learning and career training, our employees who study in this program will obtain the necessary knowledge for improving their work and skills from the Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College, an institution known for its expertise and proficiency in training and producing top jewelry craftsmen in Thailand.

In this program, we provide two types of scholarships, a Vocational Certificate or a Diploma, for outstanding employees interested in further education. As of today, 13 of Regal Jewelry’s employees have graduated from this program and 23 students are currently enrolled for the next graduation classes.

At Regal Jewelry, we believe in fulfilling corporate social responsibility to sustain continued growth. Considering that people are the core of our success, we prioritize the development of our people. Regal Jewelry invests in career training, workshops, education and all forms of people development. We trust that the Bilateral Education Program will elevate our employees’ knowledge and capability, while promoting growth in their career path.

This bilateral agreement is a testament to our values in investing in the next generation's education. By providing educational opportunities and training in the workforce, we aim to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4: Quality Education).

We are delighted to cooperate with the Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College and will continue to invest in our people's knowledge and skills.

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