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Regal Jewelry's Human Rights & Ethical Labor Commitment

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

At Regal Jewelry, our employees are at the heart of our business. We are committed to ethical labor practices and ensure that our policies and practices comply with the law and align with the Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practice (RJC CoP).

Our company integrates human rights practices from fair remuneration to opposing child and forced labor, as well as promoting non-discrimination, to ensure that our employees are happy working with us.

Ensuring Safe Work Environments

At Regal Jewelry, ensuring a safe workplace is our top priority. We adhere to the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Base Code to provide an ethical, safe, and healthy work environment. Our safety practices include providing personal protective equipment, offering first aid and two nurse rooms to our employees, and conducting training courses and workshops on workplace safety. These cover various areas such as chemical safety, fire drills, and production-related safety protocols. Valuing the well-being of our people, we conduct annual complementary health check-ups and ensure comprehensive assessments for all departments.

Countering Unethical Labor Practices

At Regal Jewelry, we stand firmly against all forms of unethical labor practices. We strongly oppose forced and child labor, and we rigorously adhere to labor rights and human rights mandates. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and equal workplace, ensuring that our employees are treated fairly. We provide fair remuneration and welfare benefits and do not tolerate discrimination or inequality in our company.

In 2022, Regal Jewelry was honored to receive the 2022 national award from the Ministry of Labor of Thailand for our excellent practices and the establishment of labor relations and welfare. Furthermore, our certifications and awards from RJC, amfori BSCI, Sedex Smeta, and Disney International Labor Standards demonstrate our ongoing efforts to embody human rights policies and practices in our factory.

Regal Jewelry's awards and certifications.

Beyond the Workplace

At Regal Jewelry, we believe that a happy and healthy workplace fosters creativity and motivation. We regularly organize entertainment activities and training courses to foster a lively spirit and promote personal development within our community. These activities include team-building outings, sports games, New Year celebrations, free lottery events, designer's workshops, and leadership strategies training.

Regal Jewelry also prioritizes growth among our employees. By providing scholarships for bachelor's and master's degrees as well as providing workshops and training on leadership skills, persuasive presentation, emotional intelligence, and more, we strive to help our employees grow beyond the workplace.

Regal Jewelry is committed to providing an ethical, safe, and happy workplace for our 2800+ employees. We strive to maintain a safe, effective, and professional work environment.

We firmly believe that the welfare and happiness of our craftsmen and staff, who create and deliver magnificent jewelry, are of the utmost importance for our business.

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