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A Humble Beginning

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Regal Jewelry's founder.

Our journey began in a rural village in Taiwan, where a young goldsmith with big dreams began his apprenticeship. With a passion for craftsmanship, Lin Pi Yuan had a vision of one day starting his own company to provide ethical and beautifully made jewelry to the world.

At the tender age of 13, Lin worked tirelessly under a mentor and learned the ins and outs of jewelry making. From his drive for success and his talent for creation, a promising goldsmith was born.

After years of perfecting his craft, Lin saw an opportunity to start his own venture in Thailand. Shortly thereafter, he and his family relocated to Bangkok and set up a small factory in The Land of Smiles. Full of ambition and the hope for a better future, Lin continued to do what he does best by providing his customers with excellent service and quality jewelry products.

Over the years, the growth of his small business gave him and his family the confidence to expand, and in 1989, Regal Jewelry Manufacture was officially born.

“Never let hardships intimidate you. Instead, let it be your inspiration.”

— Pi Yuan Lin

Ever since Regal Jewelry’s establishment, Lin and his team believed in investing in their company to become The Most Valued Global Jewelry Enterprise. They knew the journey ahead was a long one, but that the results were worth the effort. For them, being The Most Valued Global Jewelry Enterprise is not merely about the size or stature of the company. It means to be a sustainable, transparent, and responsible entity that makes good on their promises in providing their customers with the best in the industry. It symbolizes an all-inclusive business that offers every service needed, from start to finish, to create timeless jewelry. Whether it is investing in 3D printing since 2001, implementing an ERP system in 2004, or getting certified by RJC, BSCI, ISO9001 :2015, and more, Lin and his family believed in continuous growth.

Despite his retirement, to this day, the passion and diligence of Lin still rings true at Regal Jewelry. Over the years, with Lin’s successors and their unwavering goal of becoming the best jewelry provider in the industry, Regal Jewelry grew into one of Thailand’s largest jewelry manufacturing company. With a staff of more than 3,000 dedicated employees, a complete team of designers and R&D engineers, a fully equipped factory with casting, stamping, and plating entities, and the capacity to produce 1,000,000 jewelry pieces her month, Regal Jewelry continues to offer value-added services to their customers.

We are here for your jewelry ventures. Get to know our services below.



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