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Regal Jewelry's Commitment to the Code of Business Ethics

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Regal Jewelry is committed to upholding the Code of Business Ethics, with the aim of establishing a solid foundation for the company's operations and promoting awareness of integrity and fairness.

As an ethical and sustainable jewelry manufacturer, we have implemented a comprehensive policy and procedures framework centered around integrity, fairness, and corporate responsibility. These measures reinforce good governance and effective risk management.

Regal Jewelry's employees working on a safety assessment.

Embracing the Code of Business Ethics

Initiated by our Human Resources (HR) team, we actively promote Regal Jewelry's Code of Business Ethics internally. This code encompasses principles of integrity, fairness, human rights, and policies regarding gift acceptance. Through effective internal communication, we provide guidance on policy implementation, compliance with regulations and laws, and proactive measures for our employees. This includes a strong focus on preventing bribery, addressing copyright issues, promoting fair trade, and ensuring workplace safety.

Whistleblowing Policy

We encourage all our employees to report any incidents of bribery, abusive behavior, inappropriate conduct, or unfairness they may encounter in the workplace, and firmly believe that enabling anonymous and confidential whistleblowing empowers our employees to voice their concerns and report workplace issues.

Regal Jewelry assures our employees that any misconduct will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action taken, in line with legal requirements, labor rights, and company policies.

A relaxing space for Regal Jewelry's employees.

Our commitment as a member of the RJC

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), we strictly adhere to the RJC Code of Practice (RJC CoP), which addresses ethical employment, human rights, and labor rights.

We are committed to combating discrimination, child labor, forced labor, harassment, and coercion. At Regal Jewelry, we remain steadfast in upholding ethical policies and practices to create a positive and inclusive workplace for everyone.

Read more about our Human Rights & Ethical Labor Commitment in our previous blog.



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