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Regal Jewelry's Solar Energy Project

Regal Jewelry is taking a significant step in our environmental initiative, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to renewable energy.

Following our sustainability proposition, we have successfully installed the first half of our phase 1 solar panel project on the roof of our building. We are currently in the process of installing more solar panels in our parking space in that area.

This aligns perfectly with our green business strategy and the Responsible Jewellery Council's Code of Practice as we rigorously embrace responsibility for our environmental impact and engage in sustainability transformation.

At Regal Jewelry, our policies and practices are aligned with environmentally sustainable methods. Thus, the installation of solar panels represents a major leap in our sustainable efforts.

By incorporating solar panels throughout our company, we can achieve our main goals, including maximizing renewable energy capacity, actively mitigating our carbon footprint, and optimizing energy efficiency within our factory.

A completed of Regal Jewelry's phase 1 of solar panel installation.

We are further enhancing our commitment to responsible energy usage by expanding the phase 1 solar panel installation area on the roof of our parking lot. The total solar panel surface area for phase 1 of this project amounts to approximately 4,760.6 square meters.

With this capacity, we anticipate generating a substantial amount of electricity to meet our needs. This effort is crucial in our attempt to reduce our Scope 2 carbon emissions, which result from the energy we purchase and its production.

At Regal Jewelry, we implement the Higg Index to evaluate our production processes and hold ourselves accountable for our environmental footprint. Our eco-friendly initiatives and accomplishments have certified us the Thailand's Green Industry certification.

We firmly believe that sustainability goes hand in hand with exceptional craftsmanship. Therefore, our commitment to preserving the environment and being a sustainable jewelry manufacturer is resolute and promises a brighter future.

Phase 1 Solar panels on the roof of Regal Jewelry's Locker building.

To learn more about our environmental commitment, click the button below.


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